Come Hell or High Water


One thing you should know about our area is that we live in a place that is prone to flooding.

Last night we were awakened around 2 AM to the sound of rain pounding on our cupola. We have 100 yr+ White Oaks surrounding the house and when I woke up in the middle of the night hearing rain and the whoosh of the trees around me, my heart gave a little panic and I prayed that they wouldn’t fall on our roof.

Marty Raney of Homestead Rescue (and the whole Discovey Channel Team) begged us to remove the trees. In fact, it was the drama they were looking for the last day — except their plans were thwarted because they couldn’t make it to our homestead. We had a historic “100 year flood” and had to turn around. We were stranded that night and the next day.

We set out early to assess the damage and found a sycamore tree over the “high water bridge” near our house. With the help of our neighbors, we removed it. Yet many times we find our low and high water bridges under water after heavy rains. Now, after a deluge, we always go and check out the damage done, so to say.

This morning I went outside and heard the creeks roaring. We are experiencing unseasonably warm temps and Ini and I were itching to go on a walk.

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