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Spring is fully in swing at Mountain Jewel Homestead. It seems like everywhere we walk we spy plants returning from winter’s cold slumber. Dormancy is breaking and we’re delighted to see so many of our plant allies lush with green vibrant growth!

We have to laugh every year because Spring usually also entails a lot of, “Oh, I forgot I planted that there!” In Fall we are busy dividing and spreading roots like comfrey and nettle, sowing seeds and propagating plants. Spring is when we start to see the blossoming of our hard work!

This Spring, we’re delighted to offer Stinging Nettle Rhizomes to our community! We’ve had these nettles on our land for 3 years and initially received them from a dear friend and longtime organic and biodynamic grower.

She told us they are a noteworthy biodynamic variety from Europe. Nettles are quite popular there and a mainstay in biodynamic gardening. We not only use nettles to help build amazing compost & soil on our land, but they also taste great!

This morning (after being inspired by some recent marketing developments at Homesteader’s Co-op), Ini and I made the profile for our Stinging Nettle Rhizomes. You can check it out on the site and I’ll also share it here.

Seasonally available for a short time. Buy NOW!

Stinging Nettles – Urtica dioica

 This is an essential plant for any garden or homestead. An amazing dynamic accumulator
(of K, Ca, S, Cu, Fe and Na), nettles are a fantastic soil building plant. Often used in compost building and biodynamic preparations, this plant is a gardener’s best friend. Nettles produce abundant delicious mineral rich greens (both summer and fall for us) and make a splendid tea when dried. Seeds can be eaten and stalks can be used to make cordage or yarn.

Once established a nettle patch will yield for years and will continue to spread, so be mindful of where you plant it. Its stinging can help relieve inflammations and arthritis.

What you can expect:

A small bundle of nettle rhizomes packed in mulch. Once you receive your package, it should
be planted or up potted immediately. Due to the nature of this plant, we will only be shipping it out for a short period of time in April. Place your order now. 

Nettle will thrive in rich soil, but will tolerate a wide range of soil types.

As it says in the description, we’ll only be offering these for a short Spring window so if you’re interested, get some now! This is definitely a plant to have for its many uses and absolute holistic nutritional offerings! This is a plant I can’t imagine our homestead without.

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