3 Chester Variety Thornless Blackberry Plants


Thornless Blackberry Plants – 3 Plants/ $15

Thornless blackberries are the perfect fruit for home fruit production. They are hardy and delicious! These vigorous plants have thrived on our homestead with very little attention. They are easy to propagate, so once established they can be multiplied to create more plants and in a few years you can have a blossoming thornless blackberry patch (or share with others.)



Unlike many other soft fruits, blackberries suffer very little from diseases or pests and therefore don’t require much input to keep producing (some viruses are known to transfer from wild blackberries, but this a minor concern.) These sweet berries hold up well post harvest and are the great for fresh eating or processing. Being high in antioxidants and low on the glycemic index, blackberries make a perfect addition to any diet and are easily frozen for storage.

Spacing 4-5’
Zone 5-8
Years to fruit – 2

Chester – Zone 5-8

Said to be the most productive thornless blackberries. It is the most commonly grown variety in the Midwest. Drought tolerant although berry production is increased with irrigation. Ripens in July and is self-pollinating. As a semi-erect variety, they do best with some sort of support or trellis.

* Plants will be shipped bare root. What you can expect is a root mass with a short stalk attached packed in organic wood shavings to keep roots moist. When you receive the plants, be sure to remove from bag and keep roots from drying out. Best success is achieved when ordered from fall to spring. Planting can be done as soon as plants arrive or potted up to further develop roots. In zones 7-8 can be planted throughout winter. Root mass can be planted 1-2” below surface and mulched heavily to retain moisture and suppress weeds, just be sure not to fully bury short stalks.

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