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Sambucus canadensis

These hardwood cutting are a great way to get an elder patch established. You can expect them to contain 2 nodes with a 90 degree cut on top and angled bottom tip. They can be planted directly in soil where they will live or in potting mix to root in a container. Simply plant one node in the ground or mix and keep the top node above ground. Keep well watered until roots establish. A very easy way to propagate this wonderful plant.

Elder needs no introduction, a true elder of ethnobotany. A very useful and fantastic addition to any landscape. It is a beautiful & vigorous shrub boasting 8 or more feet of growth every year. Elder can be managed as an annual coppice or left to grow into a larger shrub.

Clusters of creamy flowers are a treat to human and wildlife alike, though the fruiting cymes are what are most often harvested. Elderberries have been long consumed and recently extensively studied for their immune boosting and antiviral properties. Aerial parts of the plant have been used for their antiviral properties in many cultures.

With this purchase you will receive 5 cuttings of Bob Gordon variety for $10.

In the future we will also have Marge, Wyldewood, York, and Nova varieties so stay tuned.

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