Jerusalem Artichokes – 5 tubers for $10


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A plant favored in permaculture gardens, this plant is truly amazing as it can produce copious quantities of tasty & nutritious tubers year after year while boasting an absolutely gorgeous sunflower!

Be warned, once you plant them it may be hard to eradicate them, so plant them in a spot where they can stay and expand as you harvest each season (they are best harvested after a few frosts in winter and they can be left in the ground until you want to dig them up!)

They are excellent raw, baked, mashed, fried, boiled, dried and fermented. Truly a versatile food crop that is just so easy to grow. Their reputation as “fartichokes” is due to the insulin content that may cause gas (which also makes them beneficial for diabetics.) While good for stabilizing blood sugar, inulin is digested in the colon which causes the wind to rise from within, although I have found lacto-fermentation to remedy this (I presume because lactobacillus breaks the inulin down). (And it doesn’t affect everyone in this way. You may be one of the lucky ones.)


All in all, Jerusalem Artichokes (not from Jerusalem and definitely not artichokes), are an incredible plant for every homestead and garden! Beautiful, delicious and nutritious!

We have the following varieties for sale. Please communicate which varieties you would like upon ordering.

Spindel Variety from Eastern Europe prized for its nutty crisp flavor and delicious in stews, baked, fried, or eaten fresh. Also known as Jerusalem Artichokes, they are high in Vitamins C and B and potassium and iron. Less bitter and easier to clean than other varieties.


Pink Crispy


Pink! This variety grows very thin and straight which makes for easy harvest and cleaning! A tasty crisp variety, this one is great for fermenting, baking or eating fresh.


Top Star

Tasty as can be! Less of a “sunrooty” flavor, which some people like, as it tastes more like a carrot. Large roots produce in abundance each year and are delicious.

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Weight 21 oz

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