Pawpaw Seeds (Selected) 10 for $10




These seeds come from mixed parentage of selected cultivars including Overleese, Pennsylvania Golden, Sunflower, Mango and Susquehanna. These have been selected for superior size, less (and smaller seeds), and outstanding flavor. Pawpaws are known as being true to heredity, meaning the fruit of these seedlings will be similar to the parents.

This means you can expect some of the same fruit qualities as the selected cultivars without the guarantee of quality and production as with grafted trees. These selections represent a long history and intention of fruit selection and in some cases breeding. These are a great choice for resilient trees (even if the tree dies back, the suckers will be of high quality fruit) and low cost plantings. As with wild seedlings fruiting may take 5-7 years.

This is the first year we will be offering pawpaw seeds for sale. After having such great success with growing out some seeds in a number of trials, we are very excited to be further developing pawpaw culture here at Mountain Jewel and are thrilled to offer options for others seeking to grow their own trees.

All of our seeds were cleaned shortly after fruit fall in September and kept moist thereafter. They are packed to maintain moisture and it is important that you keep the seeds perpetually moist in order to not damage the dormant embryo in the seed.


After about 100 days (or more) in cold stratification the seeds will be ready to sprout and will go through this cycle naturally if planted in the ground fall or stored outdoors. You can store seeds under refrigeration for up to 2 years.


Pawpaw seeds like warmth and germinate in as little as 14 days if kept at 85 F (longer if not as warm), but won’t show any top growth for 6-8 weeks or more depending on temperature. They are hypogeal in habit meaning they develop a taproot before sprouting any leaves and are best grown in deep containers.


Plant seeds 1” deep directly in the ground or in deep pots. If seeding in place outdoors, fall or spring will work. If seeding in pots, do so in spring. Since pawpaws send down a deep taproot, it’s best to pots at least 10” deep with an open bottom to encourage root pruning.


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