Skirret Crown


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Sium sisarum

A rare plant that is making a resurgence, skirret was a very popular plant during the medieval period. This carrot/parsnip tasting perennial plant has since fallen out of favor during humanity’s search for easy to clean standardized vegetables. Though skirret cannot boast a standardized habit (it has long white rootlets that grow out from the crown), it is a delicious plant you’ll want coming again and again in your garden.

In our effort to perennialize our food landscape, we cannot imagine our gardens without this sweet and easy to grow root.

It is difficult to find crowns of this plant and most people only sell the seeds (can be difficult to start.) With this purchase, you’ll receive a healthy crown of this plant, which will ensure success in you efforts to grow this rare and worthy plant. After one year of growth, you will have many crowns to divide into smaller plants.

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Weight 16 oz

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